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   Photo by Tyger Gilbert
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The sandy beaches of Antelope Island with Castle Rock lurking in the background
Photo by: Robert Hoskins

Antelope Island on Lake Powell 

By Robert Hoskins 

Antelope Island is the largest island on Lake Powell with mostly flat terrain and good beaches on the north, west and eastern sides of the island. The southern side has very steep canyon walls. 



Facilities: None

Antelope Island on Lake Powell is the largest island on Lake Powell with mostly flat terrain. On the north side of the island is Castle Rock Pass on Lake Powell, which is a channel that was cut by the National Park Service to provide a quicker route from Wahweap Bay on Lake Powell to Warm Creek Bay on Lake Powell

There are very nice long sandy beaches along the north, west and east side of Antelope Island that make great camping spots if the water level allows you access to these areas. If you like playing frisbee, horseshoes are basking in Arizona's strong sunshine this is a great place to camp and remain be very close to a marinas and its amenities. These beaches are also the perfect spot for weddings, family reunions and first day meeting spots for large groups traveling together.

Antelope Island is very big so we mapped the GPS coordinate for the very center of the island. For first time houseboaters, the buoy system can be quite confusing.  The buoys reflect their mileage from the Glen Canyon Dam. 

A coveted northern route around the Antelope Island is avaiable when the lake level is 3,620 feet or higher. Known as the Castle Rock Pass, when the passage is open it will shave 12 miles and several hours of off your travel time to the rest of Lake Powell.  This channel is usually open by July or August on years following a good snow pack.  At Castle Rock look for Red Buoy 9 and follow the buoys to Buoy 24, then start looking for Buoy 12s which leads to Padre Bay. 

The southern route of Antelope Island offers a passage called the Narrows, which is just as the name implies, a very narrow canyon with steep walls.  Lots of boat traffic creates a very choppy boating environment even for very large houseboats. Always try to steer into large wakes at a 45 degree angle.  If the northern route is closed start looking for Red Buoy 8 and follow the buoys to Green Buoy 1.  

Do not head towards the Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell. Instead head east toward GPS coordinate: 36.954215 -111.481426.  Then navigate until you see Red Buoy 4 past Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell and then past the mouth of the Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell toward Red Buoy 12, which is located near GPS coordinate: 36.996685 -111.410213. 

Next head toward Red Buoy 12a at GPS coordinate: 37.005215 -111.397839.  Once you get past Buoy 12a going east, you can pretty much use a pair of binoculars to find the next red/green buoy. 

Or, as an added bonus to your subscription, we have generated GPS waypoint trails for the entire waterways of Lake Powell.  These trails use the first two letters of their geographic location and then the decimal GPS location.  For example the entrance to Padre Bay on Lake Powell is located at PB #1: 37.061777 -111.322463  Beware:  Always be on the lookout for submerged water hazardous before, during and after following GPS waypoints.

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GPS Coordinates:  36.961055 Latitude, -111.461683 Longitude
Elevation: 3914 feet above sea level

Directions: Antelope Island is 2.25 miles due east of Wahweap Marina.




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