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   Photo by Tyger Gilbert
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A red butte in late afternoon at Lake Powell, in southern Utah.
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Scuba Diving at Lake Powell


Scuba diving on Lake Powell can be enjoyed year-round, although it us very cold in the winter. The best time to dive is in September and October.

Lake Powell Water Temperature: Mid-summer surface water temperatures are usually 60-70 degrees and is just about perfect in September hovering around 80 degrees in 25 feet of water.

Lake Powell Water Visibility: Visibility varies by location. Near the end of canyons, nutrient-rich water creates an algae bloom, which reduces visibility to around 8-15 feet. Closer to the main channel, clear water provides up to 30 feet visibility.

Lake Powell Spear Fishing Regulations: Spear fishing is prohibited at Lake Powell, with the exception of carp. You can shoot carp with your spear gun. But the carp know this, and they're a bit shy. If you want other fish, you have to catch them with your pole. There isn't a lot of cover for crayfish in some areas of the lake. You won't find a lot. If you do find a bunch, pick an easy Crayfish Recipe and try a Dutch oven cookout.

Lake Powell Dive Flags: Be sure to deploy your dive flag(s) carefully. You must use a port-a-potty or marine head, and dispose of waste at a pump-out station. Digging your own toilet is against the law! The depth of Powell makes it difficult to keep a dive flag in good position. A surface man with snorkel gear, like young Jeremiah on the far left, helps keep the flag in place.

Lake Powell Cold Water Exposure: In mid-summer, higher-metabolism divers can dive without exposure protection by staying shallow (less than 25 feet). Going deeper, you might be comfortable with just a farmer john or thick short wet suit. Most divers who go deep will use a full wet suit, but without hood or gloves.

Lake Powell Fish Population: The reservoir has plenty of largemouth bass, striped bass, bluegill, sunfish, carp, and catfish. Fish populations vary dramatically from one site to another. With patience, you can attract bass and bluegill into camera range. Take some goodies down with you. Hot dogs and cheez Whiz often bring shy fish up close.

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